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University of Delaware & Delaware Technical Community College

“Big storms and rising water: Resilience planning for Phoebus and Fort Monroe”

After attending the first CERF competition meeting with Hampton community representatives, the University of Delaware’s multidisciplinary team immediately fell in love with Phoebus and Fort Monroe. The synergy between Phoebus’s small-town charm, diverse composition, and can-do neighborhood attitude, as well as Fort Monroe‘s guarding offshore presence, drew us into their shared story.

In June, the team visited Hampton, meeting with community representatives, local business owners, and visitors to the Fort Monroe’s outdoor park areas. After touring the neighborhoods and striking up conversations with locals in Mango Mangeaux Café and El Diablo Loco Cantina, we began to understand a deep-felt pride shared by residents of this community. We recognize this is a place of diversity and inclusion, with an unparalleled significant history. We came home feeling this is a place worth protecting.

We decided that we would not let our engagement end with one visit. We kept in touch with several local leaders and also shared UD’s coastal observer phone application with several community members. The app allows citizens to document weather and water events, which are then uploaded and geo-located on a publicly viewable map. This tool allowed us to keep up with the experiences of residents throughout the summer as we designed our plan.


Dr. Jules Bruck 

Ed Lewandowski



DJ Bromley 

Christopher Fettke von Koeckritz

Leigh Muldrow  

Delaney Pilotte  

Ryan McCune  

Kevin Ganjon

Expert Collaborators

Doug Janeic, Sovereign Consulting & former Army Corps project manager

Emma Ruggiero, University of Delaware-Living Shoreline Design

Stefanie Simpson, The Nature Conservancy- Resilient Funding Markets

Rodrigo Vargas, University of Delaware- Carbon Sequestration

Jocelyn Wardrup, University of Delaware -Soil Carbon Stocks

Neils Lindquist, University of North Carolina- Oyster Substrate

Penn State University

“Coastal resilience in historical social ecological context”

The team effort began with pre-project organization by professors Stempel, Cole, and Grady. The bulk of the team’s work, including background research and preparation and evaluation of designs, took place in the Spring of 2021 and was conducted by student members of the team with input from the team organizers and experts as is customary in a studio classroom. All policy, statistical, and technical analysis was conducted by students, except for downscaling ocean model data. Work took place remotely via zoom and asynchronous collaboration. This remote work continued through summer of 2021.

Student texts were compiled into documents by professors Stempel, Grady, and Cole. Editing was done by students Madison Borsos, Emily Miller, and Lauren Taylor. Final edits by student Madison Borsos and Professor Stempel. Image design, compilation and editing throughout was by student, Minh Anh Kieu. The background, recommendations, proposals, and designs are the products of the students. All graphics and visuals are


Peter Stempel

Jessica Fegley

Andy Cole

Caitlin Grady


Mak (Minh Anh Kieu)

Emily Bernhardt

Madison Borsos

Zimeng Chen

Bryce Craig

Jiani Dai

Seth Esterly

Nina (Christina) Flores

Katherine (Qiannan) Guo

Selena Hinojos

Jack (Won Byoung) Kang

Alex Keim

Emily Miller

Lauren Taylor

Jake (John) Tiernan

Expert Collaborators

Michael Thurston, Outside Expert – History  

Alanna Casey, Outside Expert – Interpretation  

Vivek Shrikrishnan, Expert consultant – Deep Uncertainty

Virginia Tech

“Advancing Towards a Resilient Hampton 2050 by Supporting Population Mobility”

This project was conducted during the Spring semester at Virginia Tech (January 19 – May 05, 2020) and involved eight students and four faculty from different disciplinary backgrounds. The project team was divided into three groups focused on the geospatial analysis, economic assessment, and evaluation of planning options. Groups of undergraduate (UG) and graduate (G) students were led by a faculty with relevant expertise in Geography (GEOG), Urban Affairs and Planning (UAP), and Economics (ECON).

The whole project team met once a week for project updates and integration, while individual task force groups also gathered independently to work on their specific assignments. During the performance period, the team specifically focused on the problem identification that involved learning and problem-solving activities, data collection and analysis, and integration and interpretation of individual components.


Anamaria Bukvic

Thomas Pingel

Theodore Lim

Klaus Moeltner


Cameron Bruce  

Laura Bordelon  

Caroline Smith  

Lechuan Huang  

Max Dillon   

Sarah Carey  

Margaret Crawford  

Jack Gonzales  

Expert Collaborators

Not listed

Florida International University

“Coasting into resilience: A green new infrastructure for Hampton's Buckroe Beach”

Zooming into Hampton’s community of Buckroe, Florida International University’s competition kickstarted their work by getting a community-focused understanding of sea-level rise history and projections. Their work involves analysis of the sustainability of existing water infrastructure and management systems, as well as adaptation scenarios centered around green infrastructure. In doing so, they propose an outcome that would also inform residents and tourists of the community’s historical gems, natural ecosystems, flooding, and climate change.


Ebru Ozer 

John Stuart


Simone Bailey

Sarah Belfer

Lorenzo Bellon

Emilie Catala

Christina Currais

Jhoanna Farray

Rose Gilson

Jose Gonzalez Del Pinal

Riley Jimenez 

Estefania Ramos

Derrek Roncek

Sharon Ventura

Expert Collaborators

These individuals are not part of the design team. They visited our classroom in 1-3 times during the semester to give lectures and provide critiques to improve the student work):

Malone Matson, Phyla Studio

Valeria Quintanilla, City of Coral Gables

Katie Poppel & Alex Fenech, EDSA

Kerby Kersaint, Dixie Landscape

Samira Damiscar, Strang Design

Alexandra Viala, Witkin Hults + Partners

Mairin Subervi, AECOM 

Jennifer Daoulas, Kimley Horn

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