Meet the Teams

Penn State University

“Coastal resilience in historical social ecological context”

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University of Delaware & Delaware Technical Community College

“Big storms and rising water: Resilience planning for Phoebus and Fort Monroe”

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Team Tidewater

Hampton University, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Old Dominion University, William & Mary Virginia Coastal Policy Center

“Grandview Island: Good to the Last Drop”

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Virginia Tech

“Advancing Towards a Resilient Hampton 2050 by Supporting Population Mobility”

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Morgan State University

“100-year studio / Hampton, Virginia (Preparing for the future, responding to now)”

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Florida International University

“Coasting into resilience: A green new infrastructure for Hampton's Buckroe Beach”

Zooming into Hampton’s community of Buckroe, Florida International University’s competition kickstarted their work by getting a community-focused understanding of sea-level rise history and projections. Their work involves analysis of the sustainability of existing water infrastructure and management systems, as well as adaptation scenarios centered around green infrastructure. In doing so, they propose an outcome that would also inform residents and tourists of the community’s historical gems, natural ecosystems, flooding, and climate change.


Ebru Ozer 

John Stuart


Simone Bailey

Sarah Belfer

Lorenzo Bellon

Emilie Catala

Christina Currais

Jhoanna Farray

Rose Gilson

Jose Gonzalez Del Pinal

Riley Jimenez 

Estefania Ramos

Derrek Roncek

Sharon Ventura

Expert Collaborators

These individuals are not part of the design team. They visited our classroom in 1-3 times during the semester to give lectures and provide critiques to improve the student work):

Malone Matson, Phyla Studio

Valeria Quintanilla, City of Coral Gables

Katie Poppel & Alex Fenech, EDSA

Kerby Kersaint, Dixie Landscape

Samira Damiscar, Strang Design

Alexandra Viala, Witkin Hults + Partners

Mairin Subervi, AECOM 

Jennifer Daoulas, Kimley Horn

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